The stability of the eggshell is one of the most important quality parameters of an egg.

With our FEST device we offer you a quick and easy solution for the determination of the breaking strength.

The pure measuring time is 2 seconds for a single egg. Add to this the time required for inserting and removing the egg, and you can comfortably test up to 900 eggs per hour.

Fast-Egg-Shell-Tester (FEST-Gerät)

Egg-Shell-Tester incl. power supply, cable, calibration weight 1000g and carrying case.

The device can be used immediately as it is. For the connection with a PC we offer you optimally a suitable software. This software is based on the 3.0 and 3a system. You can also use the device in conjunction with a 3.0 or 3a system.

To the Egg-Shell-Tester there is a PC software or alternatively, i.e. without using the PC software you can also output the data on a receipt printer. For this purpose we offer a suitable printer incl. connection cable.

The Egg Shell tester is available in different versions. With Bluetooth, rechargeable battery or both.

For more information, see the catalog, which you can download under Downloads.